Psychotherapeutische Hochschulambulanz


Courses offered by the Outpatient Clinic

Practical Course in Clinical Psychology (KliPs)

After the first sessions, the so-called probationary sessions, outpatient psychotherapies are subject to application to the provider (the respective statutory or private health insurance). For this application, a detailed diagnosis as well as the summary of the following information in a case report is required:

  • Behavioral therapy: information on spontaneously reported and inquired symptoms; patient's life history and disease history; psychological and somatic report; behavioral analysis; diagnosis; objectives of therapy and prognosis; treatment plan.

  • Depth psychology-based psychotherapy: spontaneously reported information from the patient on current symptoms; life history development; desease history; psychological and somatic report; psychodynamics of the neurotic illness; presentation of the neuropsychological diagnosis; treatment plan and objectives of therapy as well as prognosis.

In the KliPs practical course, students are instructed to explore the essential information for a psychotherapy application in role plays (triads composed of "patient", "therapist" and observer) - supervised by the lecturers - analogous to the probationary sessions. As a basis, methods for conducting the initial interview, the biographical anamnesis, the behavioral analysis on the micro and macro level, as well as the goal analysis or the diagnosis of the psychodynamics and goal setting of the therapy are introduced.

Usually three groups (two behavior therapy-oriented and one depth psychology-oriented group) are offered for the KliPs practical course. The number of participants is limited to 15 per group. The aim is to write a case report at the end of the internship based upon the information collected from the "patient", supplemented by one's own critical reflection on the therapist's role (total length three to four pages). Missed course days are to be avoided due to the work in the triads; a maximum of 2 possible missed course days (1x excused and 1x unexcused).

KliPs case seminar

In the KliPs case seminar, the clinical-psychological skills and abilities learned in the KliPs practical course of the previous semester are to be deepened and applied independently. The participants of the KliPs case seminar will conduct diagnostic interviews with external clients analogous to the probationary sessions (supervised by the lecturers). These are prepared and followed up during the supervision sessions.

The aim is to prepare a case report at the end of the course on the basis of the information collected from the client, supplemented by one's own critical reflection on the therapist's role (total length three to four pages).

For the KliPs case seminar, one behavioral therapy-oriented group and one depth psychology-oriented group are usually offered. The number of participants is limited to eight in each group. The weekly diagnostic appointments are arranged between "therapist" and client. The introductory and final sessions, the "client exchange" and the weekly supervision appointments (accompanying the diagnostic appointments) are held at fixed dates. In addition, there is the possibility of arranging individual supervision appointments by arrangement with the lecturer. Missed appointments should be avoided for reasons of quality assurance

Practical seminar: Coaching by students for students

The focus of this seminar is coaching students from other study programs. Basic coaching techniques are first taught in a block seminar and practiced in role plays. In a practical seminar during the semester, these basics are then supplemented with techniques regarding time management, work-life balance, dealing with exam-related anxiety, writer's block or lack of motivation. The coaching sessions are regularly supervised. The seminar is scheduled for 2 semesters. Prerequisite is previous experience in interviewing (e.g. case seminar Clinical Psychology in the Bachelor). The seminar is limited to 15 participants.

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