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Feelings under control

Emotionregulation can be learned!

We all feel - but we do not all feel the same. An example: Someone reacts angrily to a boss's criticism and is hardly responsive for days - the same criticism has a motivating effect on someone else.

Dealing with feelings is to a large extent learned. The good message: What is learned can also be modified, improved or even completely relearned. The book "GefĂĽhle im Griff - Feelings under control!" by Prof. Sven Barnow provides a scientifically based introduction to the topic of emotion regulation with helpful exercises for everyday life and strong practical relevance. The training manual "Emotionregulation" for trainers and therapists contains material for psychoeducation as well as numerous practical exercises on the topic of emotion regulation for working with individuals and groups in training, counseling and therapy settings.

Under the following links you will find the book "Emotions under control!" and the manual "Emotion regulation ".

Emotion regulation group therapy at the university outpatient clinic.

We regularly offer an emotion regulation group therapy based on the manual of the training "Emotionregulation". Specific information about the group is available here.

Heidelberg Form for Emotion Regulation (H-FERST)

The "Heidelberger Fragebogen zur Erfassung von Emotionsregulationsstrategien - Heidelberg Form for Emotion Regulation (short H-FERST)" is a questionnaire that was developed and evaluated by researchers of Professor Banorw`s unit. The H-FERST measures eight specific emotion regulation strategies: reappraisal, acceptance, problem solving, social support, rumination, suppression of emotional expression, suppression of emotional experience, and avoidance. With repeated use of the questionnaire over a period of time, changes in the frequency of use of these emotion regulation strategies can be measured. With (therapeutic) support, you can create your individual emotion regulation profile and thus, if necessary, discover and promote helpful strategies and recognize less helpful strategies and train yourself to use them less frequently.

Download the H-FERST questionnaire here: Download

The questionnaire uses 28 items to assess the habitual use of each strategy related to the past 4 weeks using a 5-point scale (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree). The reliabilities (=reliability of scientific measurements) of the scales for the specific emotion regulation strategies can be considered good (Izadpanah et al., 2017).

Evaluation table: table for evaluation of your own questionnaire .

To evaluate your questionnaire, you can download the evaluation table here .

For those interested: Scientific publication on the development and evaluation of the H-FERST.

If you want to get an insight into the development and validation of the H-FERST, you can download the following article here.

Information for interested people - meditation material

The following audio files can be downloaded for free and are part of the above mentioned book (in German language).

Breathing meditation (thoughts and feelings)

Mountain Meditation