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The best prevention against depression, anxiety and mental stress is contact with other people. Therefore, the basic idea of prEVENTion is to prevent mental stress through joint positive activities. We invite people (of all ages) who want to take preventive action against mental disorders and problems. prEVENTion is an association in which students regularly organise various activities (e.g. handicrafts, cooking, reading, sports) without obligation.

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Get active together!

Depression, anxiety and mental stress in difficult life situations are widespread and despite a large number of effective treatment options, the number of people affected is increasing. The best protection against depression, anxiety and emotional stress is prevention, i.e. not getting ill in the first place or effectively preventing further episodes.

Who are the services suitable for?

People who have already had a depression or who come from a family in which one or both parents were ill with depression should feel particularly addressed, as there is an increased risk of falling ill here. Furthermore, people who do not (or no longer) have sufficient access to their social network (e.g. because of moving, separation or change of life situation), or who are currently going through a difficult phase in life. In principle, anyone who wants to enrich their life with more positive activities is welcome to come. We do not collect data or make diagnoses, it is not about performance and no one has to reveal anything about themselves. Instead, we want to show that depression, anxiety and mental stress can affect anyone, but that you can do something about it. It has been shown that behavioural programmes based on positive joint activities are the most effective.

The idea

The initiative for a prevention network came about in a lecture by Professor Barnow, who told his students about his idea to set up a network against depression. The network was supposed to focus on positive, joint activities and be open to everyone. As a result, 45 psychology students and staff members from the Psychotherapeutic Outpatient Clinic and the Department of Clinical Psychology spontaneously volunteered to work on this network. Together they developed an independent concept with various activities that are offered regularly. In the meantime, the prevention network is a non-registered association and all members work on a voluntary basis and put their hearts into it!

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