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We supervise both bachelor’s and master’s theses on our research topics. If you are interested, please have a look on our research and projects pages to learn more about our ongoing projects, or browse through the profiles of our team members for specific information on potential topics for your thesis. Of course, you are also welcome to propose your own topic (e.g. based on your PäPs-II thesis paper). Feel free to reach out to our team members with your ideas!

If you choose to write your thesis within our unit, you will receive comprehensive support from our team members. Your first task will be to systematically derive your research question based on the existing literature and to present it in the form of an exposé. You can find more information on how to structure your exposé here. The exposé will then serve as a "supervision agreement" between you and our team members. In addition to outlining the central research question, the exposé should also include a timeline detailing the remaining steps of your thesis within a realistic timeframe.

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Information about the teacher degree programs (GymPO I,  Prüfungsordnung von 2009; polyvalenter Fach-Bachelor mit Lehramtsoption Prüfungsordnung von 2015):

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Room: F209

Lilli Dähn | Mareike Orth | Johannes Richter | Gabriel Riedlberger | Clarissa Schiller | Helena Weissert | Simone von Tirpitz

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