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ERASMUS is an exchange program of the European Union. It offers students the opportunity to complete part of their studies at a European partner university. Students receive a small mobility grant for this. The program serves to promote European cooperation in the fields of higher education, general education, adult education and foreign language training.

Your contact person

At the Institute of Psychology, Ute Lorenz takes care of the subject coordination of the Erasmus program.

Where to go?

  • Are you studying in Heidelberg and planning a stay abroad? Have a look at Outgoing.
  • Are you studying at a partner university and planning a stay in Heidelberg? Look under Incoming.
  • Under universities we list universities that are relevant for students of psychology.
  • Benefit from the experiences of others under reports


ERASMUS allows students to spend part of their studies at a European partner university. In addition to tuition waivers and a small monthly mobility grant, it is the networking structures that make the program attractive: Simplified registration procedures at the partner universities, academic contact persons, support in finding accommodation and often also free or low-cost language courses.

The prerequisite for universities to participate in the ERASMUS program is a valid ERASMUS University Charter (EUC).

The Ruprecht-Karls-University currently cooperates with about 280 European universities in more than 570 subject agreements. Scholarship holders are selected at their home university. Every year, more than 600 Heidelberg students and 450 visiting students take advantage of the ERASMUS program at Heidelberg University.

The name of the program originated as an acronym of EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students. It commemorates Erasmus of Rotterdam.

Information on Erasmus internships can be found HERE.