Studying Psychology

Psychology is a highly diverse science, which aims to describe and explain human experiencing and behaviour. Students of psychology acquire knowledge and skills, which provide them access to a variety of different occupational fields. They can find employment in, for example healthcare, social services, education, administration, economy, industry, as well as research and teaching.

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To ensure successful studies you should bring along:

  • scientific interest: Psychology is influenced by all kinds of other sciences and practical psychological tasks oftentimes call for interdisciplinary cooperation. Students should possess interests in mathematics, medicine, natural and social sciences, philosophy, as well as economics.
  • interest towards the human being: Psychologists are active in professional fields, which require interaction with, as well as comprehensibility towards people. Therefore, you should be interested and willing to acquire respective social skills.
  • motivation for statistics: Psychology is an empirical science. Survey data is usually analysed statistically in order to generate findings. Therefore, the study of psychology includes courses on experimental design and statistics in order to provide students with the skills necessary to conduct experimental studies. You should possess sufficient fundamental mathematical knowledge, as well as motivation for the subject.
  • good English skills: The majority of psychological literature such as scientific publications and textbooks are composed in English. However, since you are here on the English page, this might not be an issue for you.
  • good German skills: The majority of lectures and seminars at the University of Heidelberg are held in German. Therefore, you should possess sufficient mastery of the German language as well.


  • not therapy: Psychological studies covey ideas and methods that will help you comprehend human behaviour. However, these skills are hardly qualified to relieve oneself from personal struggles. Whoever expects studying psychology could be used as personal therapy, will be disappointed. Should you be inclined to seek professional help, please address designated specialists.

  • admission: The study of psychology is admission restricted.