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The course B.Sc. Psychology 100% (major) is liable to application and takes place according to the dialog-oriented service procedure (DoSV). Applicants can be:

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The procedure is only active during the application period. General information about application and enrolment can be found on the university’s pages here.


Admission for the course is subject to eligibility criteria issued within the statue for university-owned admission processes concerning the psychology course.

The total of 90 seats are distributed according to the following quota:

  • 2% second degree applicants
  • 5% hardship cases
  • 8% foreigners

After deduction of above quotas:

  • 90% eligible criteria
  • 10% latency

Numerus Clausus and latency

Since WS 20/21, there is a new selection statute which specifies that a maximum of 60 points can be awarded in the selection process. The information from last year can only be understood as an orientation for the next application procedure

Year Points MUP Hint
WS21/22 Application process starts 01/06/21, see deadlines, STAV psych test (20 points) will not be able to take place in this application process either.
WS20/21 27,5 x the STAV-Psych-Test (20 points) had to be omitted, a maximum of 40 points could be reached

MUP = Move-up procedure

For more information on the STAV-Psych test for the bachelor's degree program in psychology, please visit the Student Selection Procedure for Psychology (STAV-Psych BaWĂĽ) page.