Department Developmental Psychology


Our research focuses on children and their parents, but is broadly diversified in terms of content and ranges from questions of basic research to questions of counselling and therapy.

Students who would like to write their final thesis, do a research internship or work as a hiwi with us can contact Prof. Pauen by email at any time to find out more about current offers. It is best to send your CV along with your application.

Research is carried out at different locations:

  • in our behaviour and EEG laboratories at the institute ( )
  • in Bremen (BRISE - longitudinal project)
  • in the interaction laboratory of FoF4
  • in our university outpatient clinic for children and young people
  • in the field (families, kindergartens, crèches)
  • on the Internet ( )

A list of all currently running research projects can be found under the menu item "Projects".