Department Developmental Psychology


We are currently running the following projects financed by third parties:

  • Self- and Co-Regulation in Dyadic Interactions: Main Research Area of FoF4
  • Fun or function? What motivates preschoolers to overimitate in playful vs. instrumental task settings?
    PhD student: Jule Wolf
  • BRISE (Bremen Initiative for Strengthening Early Childhood Development) - Longitudinal section: Subproject MONDEY - Milestones of Normal Development in Early Development.
    Post-doc: Lena Heilig
  • Families in Change - Interdisciplinary Marsilius Project
  • PhD student: Philipp Horrer

Projects in cooperation with scholarship-funded doctoral students:

  • SECORE (Measuring Self- and Co-Regulation in caregiver-child interactions)
    Doctoral student: Cecil Mata Lopez
  • Innovative use of tools
    Doctoral student: Sabine Breyel

Projects in cooperation with university assistants:

  • Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation: EEG studies to categorise faces and objects in infancy
    Post doc: Stefanie Peykarjou
  • Epigenetic effects of stress during pregnancy on fetal self-regulation
    Post doc: Cornelia Schwarze

Anyone interested in specific projects can contact the staff concerned at any time.