Department Developmental Psychology

About Us

Our department is mainly interested in topics related to child development from the prenatal phase to school age. In research and teaching, we address the following questions:

  • How do infants perceive the world and how does human thinking begin?
  • How can executive functions (self-regulating abilities) be grasped in early childhood?
  • How does problem-solving and creative thinking develop in pre-school age?
  • What role does observational learning play for children?
  • What influence do educational behaviour and co-regulation by parents have on the development of self-regulation in children?
  • How does the personality of children develop?
  • What social changes are young families subject to and how does this affect their (in)security experience in dealing with questions of life planning and child rearing?
  • Which support services are particularly suitable for positively supporting early childhood development?
  • What does Corona do with young families and children?