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KOGNI Program Description

KOGNI: Computation of Measures of Cognitive Complexity


The determination of a person's cognitive complexity is not an easy task. One classical method for this purpose is the one proposed by Scott (1962). He used the "Object Sorting Test" (OST) for a quantification of subject's cognitive complexity. In the OST, subjects sort a given (or self-generated) list of objects according to their own ideas. The task is to produce as many different groupings as possible. For example, a list of countries has to be sorted and subjects sort them into different (sub-)groups, like EU, NATO, third-world, etc.. The structure of this sorting procedure is the database for KOGNI.


KOGNI is a program for computing the measures of cognitive complexity described by Scott (1962) and by Hussy (1977). Originally written by Joachim Funke 1977 in FORTRAN (see Funke et al., 1978), it was due to a request from Manfred Amelang (Psychology Department, University of Heidelberg) 1995 re-written by Thomas Krüger in TurboPascal. The program [15 KB] can be downloaded by anonymous file transfer under the name from the following directory: (

For users who don't understand the German help file KOGNI.TXT (which is enclosed in the zipped version) we have prepared a special instruction page.


  • Funke, J., Hussy, W. & von Eye, A. (1978). Mitteilung über die Entwicklung eines Rechnerprogramms zur Berechnung von fünf Maßen kognitiver Komplexität. Diagnostica, 24, 371-372.

  • Hussy, W. (1977). Ein Beitrag zur Operationalisierung und Quantifizierung kognitiver Komplexität. Archiv für Psychologie, 129, 288-301.

  • Scott, W.A. (1962). Cognitive complexity and cognitive flexibility. Sociometry, 25, 405-414.

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