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Forschung > Complex problem solving research - Homepage

Complex problem solving research - Homepage


Complex problem solving (CPS) research has started in the mid seventies at different places, mostly in Europe. Today, research has spread out over different labs in different parts of the world. Besides the label CPS also the term Dynamic Decision Making (DDM) is used for this area.


Individual Persons and their Work

  • Schoppek, Wolfgang (Bayreuth University, Germany): we investigate the control of dynamic systems which can be regarded as complex problem solving. Currently I'm working on an ACT-R model of system control, but I'm also interested in the motivational processes influencing the regulation of intentions during system control.
  • Cybernetic Website from Frederic Vester

Research Tools

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Research Projects

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BMFT project Complex problem solving
Complex problem solving research - Homepage
DFG-Projekt SMT
DFG-Projekt Kompetenzdiagnostik
DRK Hotline-Schulung
Internet Research
KOGNI Program Description
Forschungsthema: Neuropsychologie
Complex Problem Solving: Research Principles
Research on Complex Problem Solving (Komplexes Problemlösen)
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