Library (Institute of Psychology)

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The Institute Library is part of the Heidelberg library system, consisting of the University Library (UB) and the Institute Libraries (IBs).

While the UB is a lending library, the Institute Libraries are special libraries whose holdings cannot usually be borrowed or can only be borrowed for a short time.


Library of the Institute of Psychology
Hauptstr. 47-51 69117 Heidelberg
in the front building (west wing)


As a special service, our institute library has an extensive lending stock:

  • 36,600 book volumes
  • 20 printed and numerous online journals (via UB)
  • over 1000 psychological tests
  • 32 workstations, 6 PC workstations and one workstation for the visually impaired
  • Copier, book supervision scanner, printer
  • Systematic book shelving


Are you missing a publication? Contact the library management by e-mail.