Unterstützungsangebote für Studierende


In the following you will find some places you can turn to if you you think that you, someone you know or a member of your family may be affected by a mental affected by a mental disorder or are under particular mental stress. or are exposed to particular mental stress.

In acute emergency situations: emergency contacts

Practical support

For more practical problems related to everyday life and studying (such as exam nerves or learning stress), the coaching project of the Psychological coaching project of the Psychological Institute or the course programme of the central student advisory service.

Psychosocial counselling

A further possibility, especially in the case of social or psychological or conflict situations is the psychosocial counselling for students of the students of the Studienwerk, which can also advise you in your search for further for further support options. Alternatively there are low-threshold offer for students from students is the Nightline. The telephone counselling service is available around the clock.


If necessary, you can also go directly to a psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic (e.g. the Centre for Psychological Psychotherapy) or, in cases of crisis the emergency outpatient clinic of the Department of General Psychiatry. contact.

Online therapy

In recent years, online therapy has also become popular for the treatment of mild and moderate and moderate mental health problems, online therapy services have have become established. The effectiveness of a number of these programmes has been proven scientifically, but you should pay attention to the quality and and seriousness of the providers. Here are some options:

  • online therapies (tested offers recognised by health insurance companies)
  • moodgym (a little older, but free of charge)

Other sufferers

If you think that someone else might be affected, you will find some useful tips on what you can do. can do. The basic approach is to raise the issue at an in a friendly and respectful way when the opportunity arises, and and, if appropriate, to refer to existing support services. where appropriate.

On the same website you will also find summary information information on various mental illnesses with descriptions of treatment options.

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