Begleitfach - Bachelor 25%


Structure of the study program

The accompanying subject studies comprise a six-semester course, which is divided into three sections. The contents of the first study section are specific to the accompanying subject, while the contents of the second and third study sections are taught as part of the overarching B. Sc. program in psychology.

First study section (1st and 2nd semester)

The first part of the course provides basic theoretical and methodological training and aims to create a fundamental understanding of psychology as an empirical social science. The focus is on teaching the following contents:

  • Introduction to the structure of thought, research and argumentation in empirical psychology.
  • General theoretical directions of psychology
  • Content areas of general psychology and other basic areas (such as developmental psychology, social psychology, differential psychology) in the sense of a "general psychology".
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods of psychology
  • Teaching of skills for the reception of psychological literature

Prerequisite for the continuation of the studies is the passing of the orientation examination, which takes place at the end of the first semester.

Second study period (3rd and 4th semester)

The second study section serves to expand the basic knowledge acquired. Here, students can choose two areas of concentration from the following six basic subjects, depending on their interests:

Third study section (5th and 6th semester)

The third study section imparts knowledge about selected fields of application in psychology. Again, depending on the student's interests, two areas of concentration are to be chosen from the following application subjects:

Of the selected focus areas in the second and third study sections, one is to be studied in depth, and overview knowledge is to be acquired in the other.