Department Quantitative Research Methods

About Us

Nothing works without methodology!

Methodological training is a central component in the education of our psychology students. In lectures, exercises and seminars we teach how to plan your own studies (e.g. experiments), collect and evaluate the data, interpret them correctly and write a report. This knowledge is not only essential for empirical work such as bachelor and master theses. It is also vital to better understand and classify research literature from different areas (e.g. therapy research).

Our research: applying and extending methods!

Naturally, in our department we not only teach, but also do research. We are especially interested in more complex methods (e.g. diffusion modeling, Bayesian statistics, and machine learning). We apply these methods to questions from different areas (e.g. cognition and motivation) and develop them further. We are also part of the Research Training Group "Statistical Modeling in Psychology" (SMIP Mannheim) .