Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Our research focuses on personnel and work psychology with the identification and support of optimal internal and external conditions for high performance.

The focus is on the following application-related topics:

1. The first focus comprises research on the topic of work motivation, in particular research on how goals and feedback at different levels (e.g. personal goal orientation, experimentally induced goals, goals in the work environment) affect human behaviour in learning and performance situations (e.g. in studies, work, further education).

2. A second focus is on research into the role of inter-individual differences for learning and work performance. Here we are particularly interested in the optimal combination of situational conditions and personal resources ("person-job fit"), e.g. in terms of workplace design or professional skills, especially in the digital change in today's working world. We also dealt with the development and validation of viable diagnostic tools for company practice.

3. A third focus is research in the area of work & health, which focuses on the optimal design and changes of (work) requirements (e.g. job crafting) for the motivation and health promotion of employees. In addition, we are also concerned with how personal and work-related resources can be optimally used in today's working world in order to maintain and promote employees' ability to work in the long term.