Department Psychological Aging Research


Daily Life Lab - We bring the lab into daily life, and daily life into the lab.

In our research, we study emotions, social relationships, and personality traits as close as possible to the real-life phenomenon through
(1) bringing the lab into daily life using smartphones, e.g.,  projects DIPS, CUPID and ARISE
(2) bringing the daily life into the lab using immersive virtual reality, e.g., projects Med1st-MR and AgeVR.

virtual reality

Research colloquium 2023

29.03.2023 Yang Sun "Late life relocation: Effects on social relationships, well-being, and personality development"

07.02.2023 Prof. Isabel Thielmann "Know thyself: On the relation between self-knowledge and personality change goals"

Previous external guests

20.12.2022 Dr. Carl-Philipp Jansen "The connection between mobility and social participation: exploring the role of culture and climate"

06.04.2022 Dr. Theresa Entringer "On the importance of social norms for personality change"

01.12.2021 Dr. Markus Wettstein " Subjektives Altern und Stresserleben: Bidirektionale Zusammenhänge und die Rolle eines jüngeren subjektiven Alters als 'Stresspuffer' "

03.11.2021 Prof. Dr. Christian Kandler "Sources of Developmental Patterns in Personality Traits"

10.02.2021 Dr. Florian Herbolsheimer "Soziale Beziehungen und körperliche Aktivität bei älteren Personen: Die Bedeutung sozialer Netzwerke"

13.01.2021 Dr. Janina Bühler "Entwicklung von Persönlichkeit und Partnerschaft. Eine Geschichte in drei Kapiteln"

07.10.2020  JProf. Dr. Kai Horstmann "Einblick in das Johari-Fenster – Experience Sampling als weitere Informationsquelle über Personeneigenschaften"

18.06.2020  Vera Buijs "Interdependencies among friends and family in daily life: Personality Differences and Associations with Affective Well-Being Across the Lifespan"

04.09.2019 Dr. Gloria Benson "Risk and Resilience: A multimodal neuroimaging integration in aging and Alzheimer´s Disease"

05.06.2019 Prof. Dr. Matthias Mehl "Mobile Psychological Science"

03.04.2019 Prof. Dr. Will Fleeson "Connecting Normal Personality to Psychological Disorders: The Advantages of a Process Model of Normal Personality"