Current research projects of the Department of Psychological Aging Research


EMIL -  Emotional Reactivity and Regulation in Old Age

A Multi-Time-Scale Approach added to ILSE

2017-2020, funded by DFG, Principal Investigator: O. Schilling, cooperation partners Prof. Dr. Ute Kunzmann, University Leipzig, Prof. Dr. Denis Gerstorf, Humboldt University Berlin

This project investigates stress reactivity and emotion regulation in old and very old age under controlled conditions in the lab and in participants‘ daily life using a 7-day ambulatory assessment. The study also focuses on antecedent resilience and vulnerability factors as well as on long-term physical and psychological. This project is added to the Interdisciplinary Longitudinal Study of Adult Development and Aging (ILSE), hence participants take part in the ILSE research sites Heidelberg and Leipzig. The study will fill research gaps in emotional aging and add new insights on respective weaknesses and strengths in an age group increasingly confronted with losses.

KommmiT - Communication with intelligent Technology

2015-2020, funded by BMBF, Principal Investigator: M. Doh, H.-W. Wahl

KommmiT evaluates a digital neighborhood project in Stuttgart. Older technology-experienced volunteers are qualified as trainers to help technically unexperienced older adults use Tablet-PCs and special applications for neighborhood involvement. The longitudinal study focuses on mediatization in the daily living of about 200 older adults as well as on potential protective factors for healthy aging, such as social participation, mobility, health status, and autonomy.

Short- and Long-term Processes of Personality Development in Adulthood

2015-2018, funded by, Principal Investigator: C. Wrzus

Aim of the project is a better understanding of personality development in young and older adulthood by examining age and context effects as well as daily processes. To achieve this aim, we conducted a measurement-burst study with 382 younger (18-30 year) and older adults (60-75 years) over two years. We assessed personality traits with questionnaires, implicit measures and acquaintance ratings, and additionally up to 50 daily diaries on momentary situations and behavior.


Experts of Personality Development?

An extreme groups approach with psychotherapists

2014-2016, funded by JGU, Principal Investigator: C. Wrzus

The project examines personality development and associated reflective processes among prospective and practicing psychotherapist in comparison to physicians. We studied 279 adults (age M = 32.9, SD = 11.5; 80% female) repeatedly in daily life over five months regarding diverse personality characteristics and daily experiences. The sample consisted of 103 prospective psychotherapists in training, 55 practicing psychotherapists, and 97 physicians.


ILSE - Interdisciplinary Longitudinal Study of Adult Development

since 1992 /93, contact: Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wahl und Jelena Sophie Siebert

This longitudinal study aims at investigating risk and protective factors of satisfied and healthy aging. Since baseline two birth cohorts (born 1930-32 and 1950-52) consisting of 500 participants each are followed and examined in Heidelberg and Leipzig. Four waves of completed data collection provide unique insights into a long observational period over 20 years with rich interdisciplinary data that includes psychological aspects such as personality, subjective aging, activities and cognitive abilities as well as biographical interviews and thorough medical and dental assessments.


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