‚ÄčOliver K.Schilling has been awarded  GSA (Gerontological Society of America) fellowship at the Annual Meeting 2018

Recently published:

Schilling, O.K., Deeg, D.J.H., & Huisman, M. (2018). Affective well-being in the last years of life: The role of health decline. Psychology and Aging, 33, 739-753. doi: 10.1037/pag0000279


Psychological Aging Research

Welcome to the

Department of Psychological Aging Research

Heidelberg University


Head: Professor Dr. Cornelia Wrzus

The departments research focusses on personal and environmental aspects of lifetime development. We are interested in normative and differential development of social relationships, emotional processes, personality traits and adult life environments.

Latest projects cover topics such as emotional processes across the lifespan, personality development in younger and older adulthood, age differences in person perception, short-term dynamics of affect, social interactions, and behavior as well as transactions between personality and social relationships across the lifespan.

In our studies, we combine momentary assessments and longitudinal methods, apply psychophysiological, implicit, and self-report methods, and work with physicians, physiologists, computer scientists, and economists.

Our study results are published in internationally high-ranking scientific journals and books.

We teach basic and advanced lectures, courses, as well as experimental courses on socio-emotional and cognitive development in both Bachelor and Master programs in psychology.


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