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Selected current projects

Psychological Strain in the Ground Services of an International Airport

Psychological stress in food retailing.

The impact of job design and human resource development for the innovational and adaptional development of senior employees - A DFG-sponsored project as part of the main project "Age-differentiated working systems"

Speaker's project at the graduate school 1126 „Intelligent surgery  Development of new computer-based methods for a future working environment in the soft tissue surgery“

Selected completed projects

Analyzing Psychological Strain in the Work Place (Roche Diagnostics GmbH)

Benchmarking in a health network (BiG): Sustainable health management as a condition for working capacity and competitive ability in companies.

Strategic work analysis and qualification profiles - A guide to high quality human resource development for innovations in the area of mail-administrating centers and sales departments -LPI-PV-. The Swiss mail.

Trial of a two-shift system in the area of vocational education of junior employees, industrial project, research period 2001-2005. Audi AG.

Self-efficacy and personal responsibility - Means to resource optimization (SERO), research period 2001-2004. BMBF project. DaimlerChrysler AG.

User-friendly work in the e-business - Analysis and design of models of user-friendly work in the e-business. BMBF project.

Improvement of the transfers of diagnostic activities with CBT, DFG-Project, research period 2000-2003.

Acquisition and benchmarking of characteristics in vocational learning environments, BMBF-Project, Research period 2001-2003.

BMBF-Project: Health and job safety in new work and organizational forms - GESINA (FöKz. 01HK9710/4). Daimler Benz AG, Wörth. research period 1997-2001.

"Improvement of transfers at computer-based diagnosis trainings through constructivist instructional design" (So 224/5-1). Sponsored by the DFG. Research period 1998-2000.

BMBF-Project "Report on the employment protection research". RWTH Aachen, TU Dresden. Research period 1998-2000.

Model test "Instructional and organizational development in work place related learning environments". Sponsored by BMBF/BiBB. (D 4007.00) VW-Coaching. Research period 1995-1999.

Research project for the EG action program LEONARDO: "Integration of learning and working processes for the design of authentic learning environments in companies" (Project # D/96/2/0959/PI7II). AUDI. Research period 1996-1999.


Research projects (complete list)

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