What is I/O Psychology?

The modern working world is constantly changing due to various economic, social, and technological developments. These changes are substantial, vary in intensity, length of time, and frequency of occurrence and can affect the working person directly or indirectly. They apply to work processes and conditions, social relations, use of technologies, and organizational structures.
Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I/O) studies human experience and behavior in work settings, while taking specific organizational environments into account.
The purpose of research and practical applications of I/O psychology is to ensure that work is accomplishable, and maintains and enhances the psychological and physical capacities of employees.
The following three figures show

  • the self-concept of I/O psychology,
  • central topics in teaching, research and application, and
  • research projects

which are characteristic for teaching, research, and the application-oriented work we do at the I/O Psychology department at the University of Heidelberg.

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