Survey of Employee Attitudes in Correctional Facilities in the State of Baden-Württemberg

1. Content and Approach

In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Baden-Württemberg, a statewide survey was conducted in correctional facilities in 2016. The employee attitude survey pursued two main objectives:

  • To describe the current work situation and needs of employees of correctional facilities
  • To derive targeted measures for promoting a positive and healthy work environment in terms of the individual employee, team, correctional facility and the entire law enforcement system in Baden-Württemberg respectively

For this project, about 4000 employees in 22 correctional facilities were surveyed with respect to the following topics:

  • Work conditions
  • Work and organizational climate
  • Opportunities for personal development
  • Leadership/Management
  • Job satisfaction
  • Personal experience of work, family and leisure time

First, the questionnaire was pretested and piloted in a correctional facility. The actual statewide survey was then conducted on the heels of a large-scale communication campaign and was analyzed by the I/O Psychology Department at Heidelberg University. Facility-specific results were subsequently discussed in each correctional facility to derive targeted measures for promoting a positive and healthy work organization.

2. Project Management

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Sonntag

3. Project Development

Dr. Elisa Feldmann

4. Funding

Ministry of Justice Baden Württemberg

5. Duration

05/2015 - 05/2016

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