User-friendly work in the e-business - Analysis and design of models of user-friendly work in the e-business. BMBF project.

The main goal of this research project is the development of a user-friendly E-Business organizational structure, that includes the advantages of cross-linked informational and communicational technologies while excluding downsides where possible.

The focus of our research will be on five main tasks:

  1. Identifying good-practice models in the field of E-business with the help of relevant user-friendly, social, and economical criteria
  2. Analysing, evaluating and systemizing existing organizations in companies that already successfully implemented structures of the process organization in the area of B2B
  3. Developing a reference model that satisfies the precise needs of those involved on user-friendly, social, and economical levels
  4. Developing a transformation strategy for implementing the model in a participating pilot study
  5. Developing an application strategy in collaboration with cooperating partners and hosting respective events
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