A Multilevel Approach to Occupational Health Promotion

The aim of the project “A Multilevel Approach to Occupational Health Promotion” in cooperation with Daimler AG is to promote and advance employees´ health and to recommend strategies to improve the occupational health management.

Building on a resource-oriented health model, in the first part of the project, stress factors and resources are taken into account, thereby exploring positive and negative factors affecting employees´ health, motivation and performance. The interplay of these factors will also be examined to investigate the potential buffering effect of resources which could compensate the negative effect on employees´ health, motivation and performance.

A specific characteristic of the analysis is the sophisticated multilevel approach. Besides the individual level, the level of the workplace, the group, the organization, and leadership are included in the analysis. The advantage of this multilevel model is the holistic assessment of relevant factors of organizational behaviour and occupational health as well as its interactions. The underlying multilevel approach tries to close a gap in the stress-strain research.

Within this project, an employee survey and a diary study will be conducted. Health-related behaviour and attitudes will be scrutinized from a multilevel perspective. Based on the results of the analysis, interventions will be developed to further improve the occupational health promotion which will be implemented and evaluated in the second part of the project.

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