The impact of job design and human resource development for the innovational and adaptional development of senior employees - A DFG-sponsored project as part of the main project "Age-differentiated working systems"

Demographic change and early retirements entail consequences for the job market as well as the social system. It is therefor necessary to revise the potentials of senior employees. Especially against the background of growing competitive dynamics and the necessity of adapting to new situations the question arises how the productive potentials (adaptiveness, efficiency, and innovation) of seniors can be used.

The following questions should be investigated in this project to find out what role the workplace arrangement and human resource development play for maintaining the productive potentials of senior employees:

  • How do the characteristics of a job and the human resource development change over age?
  • How do workplace arrangement and human resource development maintain the innovational and adaptive ability of senior employees?
  • How does the influence of work characteristics and human resource development of senior employees differ on mental and physical activities?
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