Neue Veröffentlichung: My virtual home - needs of patients in palliative cancer care & content effects of individualized vr

Published 07. November 2023Psychological Aging Research

My virtual home: needs of patients in palliative cancer care and content effects of individualized virtual reality – a mixed methods study protocol

Background The desire to be at home is one of the most important needs of patients with advanced, incurable cancers. However, palliative cancer patients may require inpatient hospital care for medical reasons. Virtual reality (VR) could provide an approximation to the individuals’ home environment.

Methods The project consists of 3 parts. All parts are supported by the patient advisory board. In the 1st part of the project, we interview patients, relatives, and the patient advisory board about their wishes and concerns regarding the project. In the 2nd part of the project, patients are offered to view 360° VR videos of their choice (their home, relatives, others if applicable). Effects and side-effects of the intervention are assessed with validated instruments (MIDOS, MDBF, SSQ, SPES). Diagnosis, treatment adherence, medication, and vegetative functionality is determined from the medical records of the patients. In the 3rd part of the project, the results of the study will be discussed with patients, relatives, health care professionals and the patient advisory board regarding implementation.

Discussion This study is the first to investigate whether individualized VR videos have additional benefits over generic VR nature videos on symptom relief, well-being, treatment satisfaction, and adherence in patients with palliative cancer care. A strength of the study is that we can incorporate the results of each part of the project into the subsequent project parts. However, the generalizability might be limited as this is a single-centred study.

Trial registration Registered at German Clinical Trials Register (Deutsches Register Klinischer Studien; DRKS); registration number: DRKS00032172; registration date: 11/07/2023

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