Piktogramm der Rolle 'First aid' First aid

In emergency situations, the following people will help you. The following numbers are available for external emergency calls from any landline telephone without area code:

  • Police: 110
  • Fire Department: 112
  • Technical Emergency: 4444

In Addition, Andreas Sokoll is available as a first aider for Bergheimer Str. 20.


First aid materials for first aiders are available in the following rooms:

  • Front building: Caretaker's room (Room F024)
  • Back building: Hausner/H├╝bgen secretary's office (room A114)
  • Pavilion: W├╝stenberg (Room P016)


Defibrillators are located at the following locations:

  • GALERIA Heidelberg, Hauptstra├če 28, 69117 Heidelberg
  • Am Kurpf├Ąlzischen Museum, at the entrance to the ticket office, Hauptstra├če 97, 69117 Heidelberg

More defibrillator locations