Department Cognitive Research in Social Psycholgy

About Us

We research and teach in the field of social psychology at the Psychological Institute of the University of Heidelberg. Our subject areas are diverse and include cognitive processes, group processes, language and communication, decision research and many other topics. 

An overview of the research areas and work of the current staff members can be found on the various personal pages. 

An overview of the current courses offered by our department can be found in the teaching section. The LSF offers here an overview of the current courses in psychology at the University of Heidelberg.

Are you looking for a topic and/or supervisor for your thesis? We regularly offer theses for BSc and MSc students of psychology on our main topics. You can find an overview under the section on teaching . Please feel free to contact our department members directly if you are interested in a specific subject area. 

We are always looking for participants for our psychological studies. Do you want to contribute to research and knowledge acquisition? Then please register on our study portal . Participation is remunerated and students of psychology receive trial hours.