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Forschung > EG-Projekt RoHMI

EG-Projekt RoHMI

Titel: "Design of Robust Human Machine Interaction".

Funding: European Community for the period 1994-1996 (Human Capital and Mobility, Contract ERBCHRXCT 930396).

Head: Dr. Joachim Funke.

Staff: Dipl.-Psych. Elena Psaralidis (IfA Dortmund).

Short Description

Central aim of this network is to bring people together from different countries and different diciplines with an interest in human-machine interaction.

RoHMI Research at Bonn

As a member of RoHMI, Joachim Funke is actually working on the following topics:

  • Design of robust on-screen dialogues for VCR user (together with Dipl.-Psych. Heike Gerdes, see also the OPTIMANU project).
  • Basic research on the learning of operating sequences (together with Dr. Burkhard Müller, see also the ALFA project).
  • Interface problems for disaster management software (together with Katja Wiemer) .
  • Using anonymous subjects on WWW for testing interface design (together with Dr. George Weir, Strathclyde University, and Dipl.-Psych. Heike Gerdes).

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