Interdisziplinäre Kompetenz


InKo – Interdisciplinary Competency

Welcome to our research project “InKo”


As our world grows more and more complex, the demand for interdisciplinary problem solving increases. The study of processes and determinants, as well as the promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration are new research areas in I/O psychology. To fill the existing gap of systematic research on the ability for interdisciplinary teamwork, this project aims to study potential factors in interdisciplinary collaboration and derive recommendations for action. In addition, we  aim to develop and validate an empirically supported model of “Interdisciplinary Competency” as a basis for evaluating derived interventions (trainings, coachings, process consultation). This website provides information on initial situation, goals, as well as current studies and first results of our research project.

Our project is directed at project leaders and researchers as well as managers and members of interdisciplinary work groups. If you are interested in lectures, workshops, or trainings in interdisciplinary collaboration, please contact us via e-mail:

We are also running a large-scale study on promoting interdisciplinary competence. This study offers the opportunity to participate in a training course for successful interdisciplinary collaboration. In this training, participants examine and reflect on their own disciplinary perspective, the specific challenges of interdisciplinary teams, and learn about strategies for success in interdisciplinary projects. We’d be happy to come to your work team and conduct a training on site. For evaluation purposes, participants are surveyed at different points in time throughout the training.  

We are still looking for participants for validating our self-assessment questionnaire on interdisciplinary competency. Please click here to participate in the study.
For any questions or if you are interested in participating in one of our studies, please send us an e-mail to


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