Dr. Mischa von Krause

Dr. Mischa ­ von Krause [âś“]

Research Fellow -  Quantitative Research Methods



Room: F126
HauptstraĂźe 47
69117 Heidelberg

Research interests

  • diffusion model analysis
  • interindividual differences in intraindividual change
  • mathematical modeling of cognitive processes
  • personality

Post-Doctoral Researcher.

Please refer to the lecture index (LSF) for past courses..
  • von Krause, M., Radev, S. T., Voss, A. (2022). Mental speed is high until age 60 as revealed by analysis of over a million participants. Nature Human Behaviour . https://doi.org/10.1038/s41562-021-01282-7
  • von Krause, M., Radev, S. T., Voss, A., Quintus, M., Egloff, B., & Wrzus, C. (2021). Stability and Change in Diffusion Model Parameters over Two Years. Journal of Intelligence, 9 (2), 26.
  • von Krause, M., Lerche, V., Schubert, A. L., & Voss, A. (2020). Do Non-Decision Times Mediate the Association between Age and Intelligence across Different Content and Process Domains?. Journal of Intelligence, 8 (3), 33.
  • Mertens, A., von Krause, M., Denk, A., & Heitz, T. (2021). Gender differences in eating behavior and environmental attitudes–The mediating role of the Dark Triad. Personality and Individual Differences, 168 , 110359.
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  • Theisen, M., Lerche, V., von Krause, M., & Voss, A. (2020). Age differences in diffusion model parameters: a meta-analysis. Psychological Research , 1-10.
  • Mertens, A., von Krause, M., Meyerhöfer, S., Aziz, C., Baumann, F., Denk, A., ... & Maute, J. (2020). Valuing humans over animals–Gender differences in meat-eating behavior and the role of the Dark Triad. Appetite, 146, 104516.