Clinic for Children and Adolescents


Welcome to the university outpatient clinic for children and young people.


If you are interested in behavioural therapy, you are welcome to contact us during our telephone consultation hours.

Your data and your request will be recorded and we will first send you questionnaires for initial orientation. After you have completed the questionnaires and returned them to us, we will add you to our waiting list and endeavour to arrange an appointment for an initial contact as soon as possible.

Office hours by telephone

Please listen to the announcements on the answering machine 

Ambulance/registration telephone

06221/ 54 7288 

Ambulance fax number

06221/ 54 7247

Email address

ambulanz-kjp@psychologie.uni-heidelberg. en

Contact address

Hochschulambulanz f√ľr Kinder und Jugendliche¬†

Hauptstraße 47-51 

69117 Heidelberg