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Questionnaire 2003 - Confronting International Terrorism

(Requires approximately 20 to 25 minutes to complete)

[PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER ANY MORE - Data collection has been finished! Questionnaire is still online available for documentation purposes!]

We are researching problem solving in complex situations. In order to observe how people solve complex problems, we would like to ask you a few questions about confronting international terrorism.

On September 11, 2001, an unimaginable tragedy took place. A group of Islamic terrorists hijacked four passenger airplanes. One struck the Pentagon, another was downed in Pennsylvania and two were crashed into the World Trade Center towers. The organization “Al Qaida” under the leadership of Osama bin Laden was suspected to have initiated the attacks. It was suspected that bin Laden and other Al Qaida officials were hiding in Afghanistan.

While these events took place nearly two years ago, they are still on the minds of many Americans. Please try to put yourself in the position of the US government two years ago. Consider the various responsibilities and actions necessary for your government.

Please answer the following questions. Be as precise as you can. Feel free to use the available space.

1. Look at this whole situation (the 9/11 attacks) as a complex problem. Please define the “problem”.

2. Please define the goals according to the "problem".

3. What information is most urgent in deciding what to do?

4. What additional information would be useful?

5. Who or what would be the sources of this information?

6. What is your plan of action?

7. How did you choose this plan?

8. Why did you choose this plan?

9. What steps will you take to carry out your plan?

10. How would you ensure that your plan is carried out as you intended?

You would help us by giving some personal information - we respect your privacy!

How old are you?

What is your sex?
Please choose!

Starting with the 1st grade, how many years of formal education have you had?

What is your political orientation??
Please choose!
more liberal
more conservative

What is your religion?

What is your nationality?

How would you evaluate/categorize the 9/11 attacks?
Please choose!
They were an attack on the whole civilized world.
The attacks were Al Qaida's attempt to take revenge on the US for discriminating against Muslim countries.
The attacks were provoked by the Americans.

How would you evaluate your own problem solving skills?

General comments?

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 Questionnaire 2003 - Confronting International Terrorism
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