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Plan-a-Day Interface

[ Please note that the location names in the English version are slightly different compared to the German version.]

On the left hand, you see the map on which the different locations can be found. The red point indicates your current position (which is "Cafe"), and all distances are shown in minutes relative to your current position. If you decide to use the joker (driving by car), all shown distances are reduced automatically to 1/3 of the original time. The status of the different locations is given by the color of their windows: If the windows of a house are closed, either your task at this location has been accomplished or this house was not part of your task list. If windows are open, the opening times according to your task list are shown, e.g., your office ("Büro") is open from 11:30 (=earlist arrival time) til 12:50 (=latest arrival time).

On the right upper part, the planning blackboard can be seen: The current time (15:25) is shown together with the list of activities done so far. At 10:00, you started in the office ("Büro") to the "Lager" where you arrived at 10:40. You did your work their (taking 20 minutes; the star indicates that you finished a task there) and left for the administration office ("Verwaltung") where you arrived at 11:38 and, without doing anything, left again for the head office ("Zentrale"). There you arrived at 12:02, did your job for 45 minutes (a star indicates that again) and left at 12:47 for the secretary building ("Sekretariat").

On the right lower part you see instructions for using the keyboard. In a practise phase, users have time to get familiar with all options: F1 for help; F2 for the tasks; DEL to delete the last action; A for driving; W for waiting; and the MARKED LETTER of the place to be reached!

Short Instruction

Your task is to plan two days and to fulfill as many tasks as possible.
They can be announced by pressing F2. Pay attention to the times of
distance between the places. They appear always for your actual place. 
Some tasks are to fulfill at certain times. They have got different 
importance as well. Alltogether you have got 40 min time available. 
After 20 min it is switched automatically to the second day. The  
actual time appears on the top of the screen. 

You can reach a place by keying in the FIRST LETTER of that place. You will have a drive free if you press A. With DEL you deleate your last action. With CURSOR DOWNWARDS you can insert the previously deleated appointment again. With E you can change to the next day or you can finish the program. If you were too early at a place you can wait there by pressing W.

new Windows-Interface

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