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Disaster Management

Disaster Management

From 1993 until 1996, my research group and I worked together with the "Katastrophenschutz-Schule des Bundes" (=German School for Disaster Management) in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. There are some interesting topics from a cognitive psychologists point of view.

Group decision making: The flow of information and the interaction between 5-10 decision makers

Teaching and training of disaster management: Mostly, people from administration are specialists in administration, but novices in dealing with the specific features of the ongoing catastrophe

Decision making under uncertainty and with time pressure (this is a prototypical situation for Complex Problem Solving!)

The list is incomplete and should only give a first impression to those who cannot imagine the importance of Cognitive Psychology in such a domain of application.

Since 2006, after a visit at Melbourne University, I work together with the Complex Decision Making Group (a cooperation of researchers from Melbourne University and La Trobe University). This group is funded by the National Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre and helps to improve decision making under high uncertainty and time pressure.

Since 2007, my doctoral student Lutz Lyding is doing research for the German Red Cross in the context of hotline trainings. See project page DRK Hotline-Schulung.

Other references to Disaster-related topics

Emergency Preparedness Information eXchange EPIX: Starting point for other Emergency Services

About the American Red-Cross Disaster Services

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA-Homepage)

Selected Publications

Funke, J. (2003). Problemlösendes Denken [Thinking and problem solving]. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer.

Funke, J. & Kirk, M. (1994). Schulung für den Katastrophenschutz: Psychologische Aspekte der Ausbildung und des Trainings [Training for catastrophe management: Psychological factors in teaching and training]. Notfallvorsorge und Zivile Verteidigung - Internationale Zeitschrift für Gefahrenabwehr, 25 (2), 22-25.

Funke, J., & Kirk, M. (1997). Umgang mit komplexen Problemlöse- und Entscheidungsprozessen. In T. Mitschke (Ed.), Handbuch für Technische Einsatzleitungen (pp. 197-200). Stuttgart: Kohlhammer. ISBN 3-17013-775-1

Funke, J., & Kirk, M. (1997). Logik des Mißlingens/Gelingens von Problemlöseprozessen bei Individuen und in Gruppen. In T. Mitschke (Ed.), Handbuch für Technische Einsatzleitungen (pp. 200-205). Stuttgart: Kohlhammer. ISBN 3-17013-775-1

Funke, J. & Wiemer, K. (1995). Mehr als ein "intelligenter Bleistift"? Einsatz von computergestützten Entscheidungshilfen im Katastrophenschutzstab. Notfallvorsorge - Zeitschrift für Katastrophenvorbeugung und Gefahrenabwehr, 26 (2), 4-8.

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