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Personen > Joachim Funke > Meusburger, Funke & Wunder (Eds.) (2009): Milieus of Creativity. An interdisciplinary approach to spatiality of creativity

Meusburger, Funke & Wunder (Eds.) (2009): Milieus of Creativity. An interdisciplinary approach to spatiality of creativity

Peter Meusburger, Joachim Funke & Edgar Wunder

Dordrecht: Springer, 2009 (=Knowledge & Space, Vol. 2).

ISBN 978-1-4020-9876-5


"Milieus of Creativity" is the second volume in the book series "Knowledge and Space". This book deals with spatial disparities of knowledge and the impact of environments, space and contexts on the production and application of knowledge. The contributions in this volume focus on the role of places, environments, and spatial contexts for the emergence and perpetuation of creativity. Is environment a social or a spatial phenomenon? Are only social factors relevant for the development of creativity or should one also include material artefacts and resources in its definition? How can we explain spatial disparities of creativity without falling victim to geodeterminism?

This book offers insights from various disciplines such as environmental psychology, philosophy, and social geography. It presents the results of a research conference Konwledge and Space at Heidelberg University in September 2006, which was supported by the Klaus Tschira Foundation.


  • Peter Meusburger, Joachim Funke and Edgar Wunder: Introduction: The Spatiality of Creativity
  • Joachim Funke: On the Psychology of Creativity
  • Robert J. Sternberg: Domain-Generality Versus Domain-Specificity of Creativity
  • Dean Keith Simonton: Scientific Creativity as a Combinatorial Process: The Chance Baseline
  • Günter Abel: The Riddle of Creativity: Philosophy's View
  • Hans Lenk: Creativity: Multidimensional Associative or Chaotic Process? Methodological Comments on Creative Processes and Metaphors in Aesthetics and Innovation
  • Peter Meusburger: Milieus of Creativity: The Role of Places, Environments, and Spatial Contexts
  • James C. Kaufman: Creativity, Intelligence, and Culture: Connections and Possibilities
  • Scott G. Isaksen: Exploring the Relationships Between Problem-Solving Style and Creative Psychological Climate
  • Ricarda Bouncken: Creativity in Cross-Cultural Innovation Teams: Diversity and Its Implications for Leadership
  • Martina Fromhold-Eisebith: Space(s) of Innovation: Regional Knowledge Economies
  • Jens Förster: The Unconscious City: How Expectancies About Creative Milieus Influence Creative Performance
  • Margaret A. Boden: Conceptual Spaces
  • Rob Kitchin: Looking at the Present Through the Future: Science-Fiction Urbanism and Contingent and Relational Creativity
  • Barney Warf: Teleology, Contingency, and Networks
  • Stephan Günzel: Geophilosophy and Creative Milieus

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