PD Dr. Sabine C. Koch, Universität Heidelberg  |    Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs, Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Heidelberg   |   Prof.Dr.Cornelia Müller, Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder


Körpersprache von Tanz und Bewegung

Bedeutungsemergenz, Versprachlichung und therapeutische Nutzung

BMBF-Förderrichtlinie "Übersetzungsfunktion der Geisteswissenschaften"


31.03. - 02.04.11
"Leibgedächtnis und Therapie"
Cenference in Heidelberg









The present project is an interdisciplinary cooperation of linguists, philosophers and psychologists with the objective to investigate the role of movement, body metaphor and body memory on the background of phenomenological, psychological and cognitive linguistic theories. The central focus of the project is the relationship between movement and meaning (TP 1), the emergence of metaphors in movement and their verbalization or their translation in word and gesture respectively (TP 2), and the further development of the taxonomy and empirical investigation of body memory (TP 3). In addition, theoretical and methodical progress for the linguistic theory development as well as the optimisation of clinical uses (artistic therapy forms) and the academic therapy education are important research aims.


Movement & Meaning

Emergence of meaning in language and gesture

Body memory


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