PD Dr. Sabine C. Koch, Universität Heidelberg  |    Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs, Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Heidelberg   |   Prof.Dr.Cornelia Müller, Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder


Körpersprache von Tanz und Bewegung

Bedeutungsemergenz, Versprachlichung und therapeutische Nutzung

BMBF-Förderrichtlinie "Übersetzungsfunktion der Geisteswissenschaften"


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Movement is fundamental for the human condition. Before a person develops language, she is able to communicate in complex nonverbal ways.

The present project is an interdisciplinary endeavour of cognitive linguists, phenomenological philosophers, psychologists and anthropologists focussing on the role and meaning of movement on the background of body memory and embodiment research. The central objectives of the project are the investigation of the relationship between movement and meaning (part 1), the emergence of metaphors in movement and the “languaging” of movement (i.e., the translation in words, gestures, or other modalities of expression; part 2), as well as body memory (part 3). We further aim to develop theory and methods for linguistics and embodiment research as well as the translation to the applied setting (arts therapies; body therapies) and academic therapy training.

"The world experienced (otherwise called the ‘field of consciousness’) comes at all times with our body at its center, center of vision, center of action, center of interest. Where the body is, is ‘here’; when the body acts is ‘now’; what the body touches is ‘this’; all other things are ‘there’, ‘then’ and ‘that’. These words of emphasized position imply a systematization of things with reference to a focus of action and interest which lies in the body … The body is the storm center, the origin of coordinates, the constant place of stress in all that experience-train. Everything circles around it, and is felt from its point of view. The word ‘I’ then is primarily a noun of position, just like this or there.’ (William James, 1890)


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