Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Processing and appreciating creative figurative language

11.-12. May 2011

Workshop at the Department of Psychology, University of Heidelberg



Keynote speakers
Cristina Cacciari, University of Modena, Italy
Rachel Giora, University of Tel Aviv, Israel
Raymond Gibbs, UC Santa Cruz, US
Arthur Graesser, University of Memphis, US





Information about the venue and Heidelberg

    Location of the Department of Psychology
    City map
    Accommodation: The Department is in the old part of the city; so, the first two options Heidelberg – Old town and Heidelberg – City will offer hotels in not too great distance from the venue. Heidelberg is a small town with a pretty well running public transport system. As it is also a very popular travel destination we recommend to book accommodations at your earliest convenience.


Organized by Lisa Irmen & Ursula Christmann





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