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Ulf Mertens, M.Sc.

Ulf Mertens

Ulf Mertens

Universität Heidelberg
Psychologisches Institut
Hauptstrasse 47-51
D-69117 Heidelberg

Room: F023

email: ulf(dot)mertens(at)
Tel: +49-6221-54-7322
Fax: +49-6221/54-7787

I don't have fixed office hours, so just write me a mail or call in order to make an appointment.

Research interests

  • Approximate Bayesian Computation
    I am working on a tool for ABC methods called ABrox.
  • Machine Learning
  • I am interested in using audio data for classification.
  • Linear Mixed Models
  • I worked on a comparison of several methods for within-subject designs in my Master thesis.


  • Übung Deskriptivstatistik
  • An introduction to basic descriptive statistics using the R programming language
  • Übung Inferenzstatistik
  • This is a subsequent course where the focus lies on how to use R for inferential statistics (linear models, contrast analysis etc.)
  • Statistics Toolbox
  • In this class, we show how to tackle some common problems in empirical theses such as dealing with violations of assumptions, missing values, marginally significant results and so on.
  • Data visualization with R
  • This class focuses on how to create publication-quality plots with both base R as well as the ggplot2-package.
  • Programming experiments in PyGame
  • We give a brief introduction to Python and then show how to code simple experiments with PyGame

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