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Alica Bucher

Alica Bucher


Heidelberg University
Psychologisches Institut
Hauptstrasse 47-51
D-69117 Heidelberg

Room: A007

Tel: +49-6221-54-7747

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Empirical Project Seminar 1

In the empirical project seminar the students will learn how to derive their own hypotheses from topics of cognitive and social psychology (attention, decision making, attitudes, emotion regulation, etc.) and to examine them experimentally. Furthermore, they will have to perform all the necessary steps of scientific work such as literature reviews, hypothesizing, data collection, data analysis, scientific writing and presenting of the study. Especially, it is the goal to practically apply their knowledge in statistics and experimental design. This year structural equation modeling will be of focus. With this type of analysis not only manifest but also latent variables can be considered and much more complex relationships between the particular variables can be investigated. After an introduction to SEM the students should be able to implement their own model and interpret the corresponding results.

Empirical Project Seminar 2

In the second part of the empirical project seminar the students will focus on the analysis and interpretation of the collected data. Thereby, the students will learn the use of appropriate statistical methods as well as the integration of the findings into the global research context. In the final step they will write a report about their experiment ('How do I write an article?') and present the findings on a poster congress.

Research interests

  • emotion and attention
  • eye tracking studies
  • well-being
  • color perception
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