Universität Heidelberg
Dr. Sabrina Bechtel-Kühne
PhD student
  Room: F 215
  Phone: 06221/54-7347
  E-Mail: sabrina.bechtel@psychologie.uni-heidelberg.de
  Office hours: by appointment





  • Teaching: 4 hours per week

  • Written and oral exams on all academic levels up to Master’s degree

  • Supervision and support of Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral theses

  • Composition of statements, letters of recommendations, certificates, project proposals, scientific publications

  • Presentation of research results at national and international conferences

  • Presentation of own work in the public


Research interests

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Problem solving and tool use in toddlerhood

  • Analogical reasoning in toddlers

  • Development of executive functions in early childhood and its relevance for problem solving

  • Parenting styles and self-regulation in toddlerhood and preschool age

  • Comparative approaches: differences and similarities between humans and other species

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