Dr. Michael Doh

Research assistant

Doh MichaDepartment of Psychological Ageing Research
Institute of Psychology, Heidelberg University

Bergheimer Str. 20
D-69115 Heidelberg

Phone +49 (0)6221 - 54 81 50

E-Mail: Michael Doh


Research Projects

  1. Project KommmiT
  2. Project FUTA
  3. Projekt Intergenerationelles Filmfestival und Intergenerationelles Theatergespräch
  4. Projekt New Directions in ‘Active Ageing’ and ‘Age-Friendly Culture’ in India and Germany

Research Interests

  1. Digital Ageing
  2. Digital Inclusion for older persons and Digital Neighbourhoods
  3. Digital Learning and Education for older persons
  4. Pictures of Ageing in the Media
  5. Gerontechnology

Selected Publications (in chronological order).




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