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Psychological Aspects of Disaster Management

From 1993 until 1996, my research group and I worked together with the "Katastrophenschutz-Schule des Bundes" (=German School for Disaster Management) in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. There are some interesting topics from a cognitive psychologists point of view.

Group decision making: The flow of information and the interaction between 5-10 decision makers

Teaching and training of disaster management: Mostly, people from administration are specialists in administration, but novices in dealing with the specific features of the ongoing catastrophe

Decision making under uncertainty and with time pressure (this is a prototypical situation for Complex Problem Solving!)

The list is incomplete and should only give a first impression to those who cannot imagine the importance of Cognitive Psychology in such a domain of application.

Other references to Disaster-related topics

Emergency Preparedness Information eXchange EPIX: Starting point for other Emergency Services

About the American Red-Cross Disaster Services

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA-Homepage)

Selected Publications

Funke, J. & Kirk, M. (1994). Schulung für den Katastrophenschutz: Psychologische Aspekte der Ausbildung und des Trainings [Training for catastrophe management: Psychological factors in teaching and training]. Notfallvorsorge und Zivile Verteidigung - Internationale Zeitschrift für Gefahrenabwehr, 25 (2), 22-25.

Funke, J., & Kirk, M. (1997). Umgang mit komplexen Problemlöse- und Entscheidungsprozessen. In T. Mitschke (Ed.), Handbuch für Technische Einsatzleitungen (pp. 197-200). Stuttgart: Kohlhammer. ISBN 3-17013-775-1

Funke, J., & Kirk, M. (1997). Logik des Mißlingens/Gelingens von Problemlöseprozessen bei Individuen und in Gruppen. In T. Mitschke (Ed.), Handbuch für Technische Einsatzleitungen (pp. 200-205). Stuttgart: Kohlhammer. ISBN 3-17013-775-1

Funke, J. & Wiemer, K. (1995). Mehr als ein "intelligenter Bleistift"? Einsatz von computergestützten Entscheidungshilfen im Katastrophenschutzstab. Notfallvorsorge - Zeitschrift für Katastrophenvorbeugung und Gefahrenabwehr, 26 (2), 4-8.

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