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Dipl.-Psych. Dorothee Amelung

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Research Interests

Climate Change, Risk Perception & Cognition, Climate Engineering, Climate Change Communication, Health


  • Pfeifer, A.-C., Amelung, D., Gerigk, C., Schroeter, C., Ehrenthal, J., Neubauer, E., Schiltenwolf, M. (2016). Study protocol: efficacy of an attachment-based working alliance in the multimodal pain treatment. BMC Psychology 4(10).

  • Amelung, D., Funke, J. (2015). German laypeople's risky decisions in the climate change context: Climate Engineering as a risk defusing strategy? Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 21(2), 1-27.

  • Schroeter, C., Ehrenthal, J. C., Giulini, M., Neubauer, E., Gantz, S., Amelung, D., Balke, D., Schiltenwolf, M. (2015). Attachment, symptom severity and depression in musculoskeletal pain and osteoarthritis: A cross-sectional study. PLOSone

  • Wang, H., Weber, A., Amelung, D. & Schiltenwolf, M. (2014). Bindungsstil und Zytokinspiegel bei Fibromyalgie-Syndrom. Eine prospektive Longitudinalstudie [Attachment style and cytokine levels in patients with fibromyalgia. A prospective longitudinal study] Der Schmerz 28(5), 504-512.

  • Amelung, D., Funke, J. (2013). Dealing with the uncertainties of climate engineering: Warnings from a psychological complex problem solving perspective. Technology in Society, 35 ,32-40.

  • Amelung, D., Dietz, W., Fernow, H., Heyen, D., Reichwein, D., Wiertz, T. (2012). Beyond calculation. Climate Engineering risks from a social sciences perspective Forum Marsilius-Kolleg, 2. Available at: /

    Under Review

  • Amelung, D., Fischer, H., Kruse, L., Sauerborn, R. Defogging Climate Change Communication: How cognitive research can promote effective climate communication. Under Review at Frontiers in Psychology.
  • Work in Progress

  • Climate science comprehension predicts willingness to pay beyond prior knowledge, beliefs, education, gender, age, and political orientation (with H. Fischer, N. Said).

  • Ambiguity preferences under cognitive load (with D. Heyen, D. Roemer).

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