Helen Fischer

Psychologisches Institut
Hauptstraβe 47-51
69117 Heidelberg
Room: A025
Tel. +49 6221 54-7571



Self-regulation of Common Property Resources: Using Agent-Based Modeling for Exploration of the Influence of Working Memory Capacity in CPR Dilemmas

Funding: Field of Focus 4 (2016): Self-Regulation and Regulation: Individuals and Organisations

Short Description

Our atmosphere, water or international fisheries are common pool resources (CPR). These resources are not subject to externally enforceable property rights and can in principle be used by everyone. As those resources are limited, individual extraction decisions can lead to an overuse and, consequently, to a breakdown of the resource. In our research we are interested in cognitive factors which influence people's extraction behavior. In this research project we want to use a mathematical modeling approach - agent-based modeling (ABM) - in order to vary Working Memory Capacity in a controlled way for agents interacting with a CPR.

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