Resource-oriented into Retirement


Welcome to the research project

“Development and evaluation of a coaching program to promote self-regulation, well-being and health during retirement transition“


With this research project we aim to develop and evaluate a coaching program, that promotes self-regulation, well-being and health during retirement transition.

On this website you’ll find further information about this study, the main aims and objectives.


Would you like to take part?

We are looking for employees that are planning to retire within the next six months to three years.

What is involved in taking part?

You will take part in a six week coaching program (group setting), where we will address different aspects of retirement transition and retirement. The sessions are designed to help you to plan, prepare and arrange your transition into retirement.

Before, during and after the program you will be asked to answer some questions (e.g. about your health, your expectations about retirement, well-being, life satisfaction, etc.).


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