Happy and Engaged at Work

Welcome to the research project “Happy and Engaged at Work”.

“Happy and Engaged at Work” is a research project that aims to examine the impact that a short work-related reflection can have on one’s well-being, both in work, and in one’s private life. The project is a collaboration between researchers from five universities across three countries (Germany, Ireland and Canada), and will consist of several studies.

Would you like to take part?

We are looking for full-time employees with office-jobs and regular working-hours to take part in the study.

If you fit this criteria and would like to take part, please click on the link below.

What is involved in taking part?

Taking part will involve each volunteer doing a small exercise for 5 minutes per day over two weeks. During these two weeks, you will also be asked to answer some questions about satisfaction, work-life balance and other indicators of happiness.

Before starting the two week reflection exercise, you will meet with one of the researchers who will explain what is required and provide you with personal training on the “Happiness-Exercises” (approx. 90 minutes) at Heidelberg University. During this session you will become familiar with the “Happiness-Exercises” and get further information about the study.

Participating in this project will allow you to get to know special techniques that will help you to improve your work-life-balance and your well-being. Hence, you will be contributing to an important research-field.

As appreciation for your effort, you will be compensated.

This website provides further information about the research project, including the main aims and objectives.


Do you have questions or are interested in our study? Then please send us your question via Email (wellbeingatwork@psychologie.uni-heidelberg.de) or call us!

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